Bringing the Western Shed Hunting community to you.

Another Five States, with an extra $10K at stake!

A whopping $90,000 has been awarded since we started the $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt 3 years ago. Over this time, we have grown to love the shed hunting community by magnitudes. We have savored every moment of this experience's positive impact on shed hunters throughout the West. Most of all, we have never been more excited to continue giving back to the community to support the obsession we all have.

There's nothing like the $50K $60K Bitcoin Shed Hunt. This genuinely singular event adds another level of fun and excitement to the shed season we all love! If you haven't had a chance to find a Hidden Shed before, you assuredly have a few this year.

This time, we're adding a sixth Hidden Shed to the mix to give the New Mexico shed hunters another shot at finding the Hidden Shed. So, there's your first hint! There could be 1-6 winners this year, with your prize ranging from $10,000 to $60,000, depending on how many sheds you can find. Each Hidden Shed is worth $10,000, payable in cash or BTC.

P.S. If you find a Hidden Shed, we highly recommend reporting it to get your hands on $10,000. Some lucky lad out in NM picked up a stellar-looking shed antler worth much more than it looks but didn't care to call the phone number on it... 🤷

It's officially time for the western shed hunter to grab their thinking caps and get ready to bend their minds through ridiculous riddle reading and desperate hint seeking, on top of their rare and necessary art of shed hunting. Let the Shed Hunting begin!

‎Scout To Hunt: Shed Hunt Maps
‎WARNING: There’s an addiction epidemic occurring throughout the West for those who know what true love at first sight feels like. The Scout To Hunt App will absolutely enable your Shedicated pursuit for the finest source of calcium nature provides. Looking for sheds is fun. Finding sheds is the goa…

Official Rules and information about the 2024 $60K Shed Hunt will be released soon. Follow @scouttohunt on Instagram and download the Shed Hunter's App to stay on top of all updates and details leading up to the 2024 Shed Hunt. As an aside, we will not run the #TheHuntBefore Shed Hunting Photo Contest this year.

Get your thinking caps and shed packs on. It's shed hunting season!

Get Hints Early!

Hints to the Riddles will be given only in the Scout To Hunt App!

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