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Officially Archiving your Shed Hunting Stories

Shed hunting experiences are one of a kind. Toil, triumph, and tines combine into unforgettable moments that should be saved and shared with the current and future shed hunting community. Scout To Hunt's Shed Archives ensures your stoked shed stories will live on.

Scout To Hunt Shed Archives – the only official archives of western shed hunting stories, successes, and tales that should never be forgotten.

What to Submit

We Archive nonfiction shed hunting stories and experiences that epitomize the glory and grandeur of shed hunting, cultivate connection in the shed community, and encourage ethical standards.

How to Submit

Submit stories via email with a MS Word doc, Google doc, or Pages doc of the story attached, along with any relevant photos that pertain to your story.

Place the Title of your story and the Author's Full Name in the subject line of the email. Please include your Instagram name/handle in the email to be linked in the story post.

Submission Selection

We receive a lot of submissions to have shed stories archived (featured). Please don’t take things personally if your story is not archived. There are all kinds of reasons stories may not be a good fit for the Shed Archives.

Scout To Hunt will not publish substantive changes to your draft without your approval if your story is selected. However, consistent with publishing conventions, Scout To Hunt assumes primary responsibility for the packaging and presentation (proofing) of your piece, including title, images, and grammar.

Strong Submissions

Great stories will have the following characteristics:

  • Write clearly. Ensure that your story reads easily and coherently.
  • Storytelling. Make it easy for the reader to understand what it really felt like to be there in the moment that you are sharing. Convey your shed hunting experience to the reader.
  • Be interesting. Be memorable. Think about whether this is a story you would click on, email to friends, or share on social media. Think about lines you would quote from the story when you share it.
  • Be focused. Keep it concise. There is a limit to what you can cover in a single story. It’s better to focus on the core experience, the memorable and pivotal moments, rather than attempting to share every detail. Don't drown your steak in steak sauce. Choose a clear beginning and end to your story, then fill it in with the best cuts of meat from your shed hunting experience.
  • Photos. We hope to see what you saw during your shed hunting experience –especially sheds!
  • Lede strong. Your opening should grab people and pull them into the rest of the story. Tell stories about experiences that are relatable but unique and exciting.

Other Rules of Thumb

  • Length. We are willing to look at stories between 400 and 1200 words.
  • No long paragraphs. Reading online is different from reading a book. Paragraphs should be frequent, and a single paragraph should not be more than three sentences. Breaking up long paragraphs will significantly improve readability.
  • Be fair. No derogatory remarks, attacks, or defamations of anyone or any organization.
  • Be friendly. No vulgar language or topics will be selected.


We generally do not pay writers for their submissions.


Scout To Hunt asks for no exclusive rights to any article. Scout To Hunt takes no rights from you but embraces the right to distribute stories accepted for publication in any format, including print, web, e-reader, and formats currently known or yet to be discovered. Scout To Hunt maintains an open-reprint policy. We use the Creative Commons CC-by guidelines. In cases where an author’s content is syndicated, we will use specific language to preclude CC-by.

Email Submissions to:

Example Story

Shed Archives: October Brown
The only official archives of western shed hunting stories, successes, and tales that should never be forgotten. | Shed Archive: October Brown by Cody Schuchard
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