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*Note: This Post is over 2 years old

How do you effectively overcome your big-game hunting season withdrawals? You don't. It's a hopeless feat. However, shed hunting can absolutely help satisfy those urges while you wait. It not only gives a you solid reason to explore new country and invest more time to research for the upcoming hunting seasons, it creates a whole new facet to your hunting experience. Although it's not a new hobby, it has definitely gained a whole lot of steam over the past few years, especially due to the influence of social media.

We compiled a short, nonexhaustive and varied list of some of the top and newest shed hunters out in the West. If you're new to shed hunting, looking to get to the bonezone or are just begging to see what's out there, make sure to follow the guys below:



His name says it all. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for shed hunting entertainment (emphasis on entertainment), this is your guy. We're a little bias due to Scout To Hunt's partnership with him. But, this is why we partnered with him. His vlog profiles the ins and outs of shed hunting and his passion for it. Not to mention the helpful and informative advice, along with awesome cooking bits. If you're not following Shedcrazy, you're failing at social media.


"Don't give up. It takes a lot of time to get to where you find sheds consistently. Over time you'll learn what kind of terrain and areas animals like, but it's a slow learning process."



Rise and Shed is quickly rising on to the shed hunting scene with some killer elk sheds, among others. His upbeat attitude gives shed hunting a whole new meaning to having fun, and his vlog is chock-full of shed action and cool dudes. Your shed life won't be complete without waking up to Rise and Shed.


"Don't make it a competition. Do it because you love it and your passionate about the outdoors. And make Google Earth your best friend."

We'd recommend our satellite map, because it's better. But we won't hold it against him.



We can't really recommend Eric, since everyone already follows him. But we can't omit him from the list of top shed hunters either - for obvious reasons. If you just gained access to the internet for the first time, make sure to add him to your list.


"Spend time glassing. Glassing is not only a very effective way to scout for bucks and bulls before they shed, it’s just as effective to glass for sheds. Find yourself a high point and glass any and every opening you can. Break the hillside down by grinding back and forth up and down. Don’t give up the first try, look again. I use my binoculars and even a spotting scope A LOT when I’m in very glassable country."



If you're new to shed hunting, these guys can help. They just started up their vlog only a few months ago, but they already have a ton to show for. They have a growing list of unique and solid sheds worth a double take.


"Be persistent. Not everyday will be the day where you pick up a 400" brown set. But if you allow yourself to learn the land, the animals, and their habits, you'll have the makings of a fine shed hunter."



We would be remiss if we didn't add Antler Trader to the list. He's been running his vlog for a few years, highlighting a long streak of success at grabbing sheds. If you're looking to improve your own success rate, there's definitely a lot to learn from his channel.


"First off, [show humility towards your fellow shed hunters]. Second, spend time scouting and watching animals every chance you get during the winter clear up to shedding time. Pay attention to what they do and where they go. It will help you understand the animals better and the country you all live in."



It wouldn't make sense to not follow the one whose life revolves around sheds, right? Hard work and dedication would be the theme for this page. A clear choice for anyone looking to follow suit.


"It might take you hundreds of miles to find a spot (hiking). I put in over 800-1,000 Miles hiking a year, your average shed find is about 1 per 2 miles. Cover the country, don’t always lean on the saying, 'look on the south facing slopes.'"



A Wyoming based group providing motivation to hit the mountains. The Shednecks page is a little more compilation-based, but this group of guys knows how to turn up studly sheds. They should be on your list if they aren't already.


"The majority of folks struggle due to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fix - spend the time during the pre-season scouting for game! You gain a vast understanding on not only where to shed hunt, but when antlers fall off of different species in your area that yeadgntent/images/2018/04/dg.png)](/content/images/2018/04/insta-1.png)](

Bias alert: also partnered with Scout To Hunt - for a good reason. Although he also doesn't do all the shed hunting that is featured on his page, he does interview others who aren't necessarily building social media fame, but absolutely have success finding massive sheds out in the field. Helping to add another perspective to the shed hunting culture. He's definitely worth following.


"Don't give up on a area too easy. I always get caught thinking the grass is greener in another spot. Just slow down and make your time in an area count."

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