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Scout to Hunt $50k Hidden Shed Challenge
The hunt is on! Scout to Hunt has hidden five shed antlers worth $50k in five western states, including Utah.
Ogden man finds $10K treasure hidden in Nevada
An Ogden man said he was determined to find a $10,000 treasure in Nevada after missing out on a similar opportunity in Utah — and that’s exactly what he did.
Utah resident wins $10K after finding mule deer shed antler in treasure hunt
A Utah resident has found one of the five hidden antlers apart of a $10,000 Shed Riddle Challenge.Kreed Keele, a resident of Price, successfully discovered the
Shed Hunter Finds $10,000 Mule Deer Antler, One of Five Hidden Across the West
The shed antler is one of five $10,000 sheds that have been hidden on public land in the West as part of a promotional treasure hunt.
Brothers Find Scout to Hunt $10k Utah Shed
Kreed and Krey Keele from Price found the $10k Scout to Hunt Utah shed. They spotted the shed on the Cricket Mountain Range in Central Utah.
$10K Hidden Shed Found by Price Natives - ETV News
A recent $10K Hidden Shed Riddle challenge for Utah was hosted, with the opportunity to gather the prize shed and compete in the ultimate and ongoing $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt. This is taking place not only in Utah, but also in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico. The Utah shed was hidden on the Cric…
Utah resident wins $10K after finding mule deer shed antler in treasure hunt
A Utah resident has found one of five hidden antlers -- and won $10,000.


Scout to Hunt puts together a modern day treasure hunt for shed hunters
Shed hunting is a popular activity for hunters in the shoulder season to get out in nature, stay in shape and continue to hone their skills in the wilderness while searching for antlers.
Idaho Falls man wins $10,000 for shed moose antler - Local News 8
Brian Haacke of Idaho Falls set out to win a lottery of sorts - a moose antler worth $10,000.
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