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Why is Scout To Hunt Free?

Scout To Hunt’s vision extends far beyond offline GPS mapping, but we understand how invaluable it is for hunters to be safe and successful out in the field. For this very reason, we have taken the necessary steps to provide you with free full access to the essential mapping tools that you expect – without restriction.

We find these essential mapping features to be just that, essential. We believe every hunter should have easy and free access to them:

  • Essential Premium Layers
  • Smart Tracking
  • Location Markers & Sharing
  • Aerial Terrain
  • Unit Breakdowns
  • More to come...

‎Scout To Hunt: Offline GPS Map
Uncomplicated and effortless GPS mapping geared for the western hunt. With the Scout To Hunt app the essential map tools you depend on are free forever. We understand the need to have offline GPS mapping for your success, as well as ours, out in the field. For this very reason, we have taken meani…
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