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It's official. The 2023 $50K Shed Hunt is on – but to get all $50K, you'll need to find more than one shed.

Last year's $50K Shed Hunt was a major success as the shed hunting community across the Rocky Mountain West put their experience and skills to the test while exploring new country and picking up real brown gold along the way. The response was clear, we all love to shed hunt!

The $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt was the very first of its kind. It was a blast all around and an opportunity to hear the community and learn what we could do to make it more accessible and meaningful for the whole western shed hunting community.

We're excited to announce that Scout To Hunt will be hiding not one but five unique sheds in five different states across the Rocky Mountain West for the 2023 $50K Shed Hunt. There could be 1-5 winners this year, with your prize ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on how many sheds you can find.

‎Scout To Hunt: Shed Hunt Maps
‎This is the western shed hunter’s app. Uncomplicated offline GPS maps and features built for the Shedicated shed hunter. Maximize every hour and every mile you invest into your search for brown gold. Leverage your past efforts to gain unparalleled future insights through a private and dynamic shed…

Official Rules and information about the 2023 $50K Shed Hunt will be released this February. Follow @scouttohunt on Instagram and download the free Scout To Hunt app to stay on top of all updates and details leading up to the Shed Hunt. As an aside, we will not run the #TheHuntBefore Shed Hunting Photo Contest this year.

Get your thinking caps and shed packs on. It's shed hunting season!

If you missed it, here's how the 2022 $50K Bitcoin Shed Hunt started and ended.

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The Hints will be given in the Scout To Hunt App!

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