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Or copy and paste the following coordinates:

37.297953868774584, -111.08774185180664

CLUE #1 | FEBRUARY 10, 2022

All the pressure is on you, can't you see? All the animals, we must let them be. Nowhere will the Hidden Shed be found on any closed grounds. Hint: Shed Regs Map Layer


Shed Regs map layer

This one is straight forward. The Hidden Shed wasn't going to be hidden anywhere you legally couldn't look for it. This was highlighted by the Shed Regs layer in the App for shed-specific closures and restrictions. Anywhere in the green regions was open to hunting for the Hidden Shed at the time this Clue was given.

Tip: When the Shed Regs layer is applied to your map, tap on the label/name of the region you are planning to shed hunt to show dates, details, tips, and more for that region.

CLUE #2 | FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Shades of mustard highlight the way. It's free and open to play. Hint: Map Layer


BLM map layer

This was a simple one, but it was very important to know that it was on BLM land. This quickly eliminated other publicly managed lands.

CLUE #3 | FEBRUARY 24, 2022

Tap the band to reveal the range. Turquoise will make it all less strange. Hint: Map Layer


Elevation Bands layer: Range 4,500 - 6,000ft

The elevation range of 4,500 - 6,000ft is the turquoise color you needed to see on your map. 

Tip: Press and Hold on the Elevation Bands layer button to filter which ranges you want to see on your map

CLUE #4 | MARCH 3, 2022

Roses are red, off-roads are blue. It's not a road shed, but it's not far off too. Take a mile and divide by two, give or take a foot or few. Hint: UnPaved™ Layer


UnPaved™ layer: Rough off-road class

The Hidden Shed was placed near the Fifty Mile Bench road which is classified as Rough in the UnPaved™ layer. Rough is defined as:

"Mountain or valley roads often wide enough for a truck. Possibly maintained, most likely used enough to be established as a clear road."

The distance given in the Clue was tricky due to the ambiguity of "give or take a foot or few". The exact distance was .68 of a mile. Relative to the remaining Clues and the compounding effect of their additional details, we intentionally provided a vague, yet still meaningful Clue on the distance from the off-road.

Tip: Press and Hold the UnPaved™ layer button to filter which off-road classes you want to see on your map

CLUE #5 | MARCH 10, 2022

Not one, not two, but three plateaus will reveal and show the home of the dough.


  1. Colorado Plateau
  2. Kaiparowits Plateau
  3. Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits (Mule Deer Hunt Unit) or Plateau, Barney Top/Kaiparowits (Elk Unit)

The Hidden Shed was located on all 3 of these plateaus as they are officially classified/named. The tricky part was thinking about how that would make sense in the App.

This one was tough, but being such an early Clue it wasn't intended to be easy. It was a long shot, but if it were solved it would have provided a huge head start.

CLUE #6 | MARCH 17, 2022

Not to be found on any sacred ground, but let the Navajo show which states remain though.


The Tribal Land layer

Up until this Clue there was no clear indication as to which state the Hidden Shed was in out of the eight. The Navajo reservation is located in AZ, NM, and UT, thereby eliminating five states from consideration.

CLUE #7 | MARCH 24, 2022

An As-They-Lay worth $50K. This photo is the actual location of the Hidden Shed.


No code to crack here. We just wanted to make sure you knew this was legit! Along with all the observable details in this close-up ATL.

CLUE #8 | MARCH 31, 2022

If you assume Elk reside here, then you must fear. It's the Mule Deer that will lead you near.


It's not in Elk country.

We know, we could have given a hint to use the Game Ranges layer. We just wanted to let you flex your hunting experience.

Now there are more ways than one to assess whether you're in elk country. But the quick route would have been to look at the Game Ranges layer and notice where the Elk ranges did not cover, such as the Elk Winter Range. This doesn't provide much insight alone, but in conjunction with the remaining Clues, it eliminates a lot more country in question.

Tip: Press and Hold the Game Ranges layer button to filter the species and their corresponding ranges that you want to see on your map

CLUE #9 | APRIL 7, 2022

The Colorado River provides. Let it be your guide.


Two things: proximity to the Colorado River, and subsequently, Arizona and Utah are the only states left to consider.

Prior to this, it was down to AZ, NM, and UT. But the Colorado River doesn't pass through NM. At this point, nine Clues are available to reevaluate AZ and UT with the river being the focal point.

CLUE #10 | APRIL 14, 2022

Sheds and slopes, focus on red to keep your hopes. Hint: Update App for new Slopes Layer


Slopes layer: North slopes

Tip: Press and Hold the Slopes layer button to filter the slopes (N, E, S, W) you want to see on your map

CLUE #11 | APRIL 21, 2022

Where do Mule Deer go to avoid the snow? There's a distinct range you should really know. This is not a repeat of Clue #8, let's get that straight. Hint: Game Ranges


Game Ranges: Winter - Mule Deer

Winter Ranges are a solid starting point for shed hunting. Relative to the previous ten Clues, there are only a few Winter Ranges that fit all ten.

CLUE #12 | APRIL 28, 2022

It's no opinion that pinyons and junipers shade the Shed and the UnPaved™ path ahead. Hint: Vegetation Layer


Vegetation Layer: Pinyon/Juniper

If you know the region then this is obvious, but for everyone else this was a an additional Clue to narrow down where to focus your efforts.

Tip: Press and Hold the Vegetation layer button to filter the seven classes of vegetation on your map

CLUE #13 | MAY 5, 2022

Elk divided, deer united. Opportunities decided, not all provided. Many delighted, but few be guided. Although, some have recited monsters have presided.


GMUs Layer: Elk and Mule Deer

"Elk Divide, Deer United"

The Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits (Mule Deer Hunt Unit) is divided into two units for Elk (Plateau, Barney Top/Kaiparowits and Plateau, Boulder)


"Opportunities decided not all provided. Many delighted, but few be guided"

Hunting opportunities (tags) are not always provided, but for a general unit, such as Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits, it is more likely that a tag will be drawn compared to a Limited Entry unit such as the Plateau, Barney Top/Kaiparowits and the Plateau, Boulder units. Generally, few would seek to hire a guide to hunt mule deer on the Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits unit.

Overall these first two parts are referring to hunt units (GMUs layer), and particularly the Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits due to the relation to Clue #5 and Clue #8.


"Although, some have recited monsters have presided."

This was another tricky one, as it could have easily referred to the fossils in the region. But it was in fact subtly referring to an even greater monster: the Buck of Justice - whose set of sheds were found around Fiftymile mountain.

Limited Entry Elk Units: Plateau, Barney Top/Kaiparowits (bottom) and Plateau, Boulder (top)
General Mule Deer unit: Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits

CLUE #14 | MAY 12, 2022

A supreme judge claims this bench in the courts of calcium. In inches we have a centenary precedent by axiom. But the dime is found by halving that time, for by miles one will have smiles sublime.

Hint: Blue off-roads on every side. It's hard to miss if you have solved this list.


"A supreme judge claims this bench in the courts of calcium."

A supreme judge in the United States Supreme Court is called a Justice. But in the courts of calcium (antlers) the Buck of Justice is the supreme judge. Justices sit on a bench. The Buck of Justice claims the Fiftymile bench.


"In inches we have a centenary precedent by axiom."

In inches we measure/score antlers.

Centenary is defined as: of or relating to a period of 100 years.

Axiom is defined as: a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

In other words, the Buck of Justice set a 100-year precedent for monster mulies. Just looking at his set of sheds alone was enough to know he ruled the land.


"But the dime is found by halving that time, for by miles one will have smiles sublime."

The dime = the prize money

Halving = taking half of something

In this case halving that time is referring to the centenary period previously mentioned or 100, which equals 50. But the unit of measure is not 50 years, rather by miles one will have smiles sublime, or 50 miles.

The Buck of Justice on Fiftymile (also known as the Straight Cliffs of the Kaiparowits Plateau).


"The Hint: Blue off-roads on every side. It's hard to miss if you have solved this list."

With the other Clues (layers) applied, particularly the UnPaved™ layer, we can see the primary section of the Fiftymile Bench that should have been focused on. Given that only a portion of the Elevation Band overlaps with the Winter Mule Deer range, in addition to the North Slopes, and sitting closest to Fiftymile Bench Road relative to the surrounding roads, this hint really narrowed it down if you were already searching Fiftymile Bench.

The question ahead, where is the next Hidden Shed(s)?

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