Learn what visual data is and how it benefits your planning and preparation during the application season and preseason scouting.


Success in the field is rarely the result of a singular event or action, rather a conglomerate of strategic efforts, planning, preparation and decision-making. It may be difficult at times to identify which of these elements play the most significant role, or which decision led to your intended harvest. However, there is one ultimate underlying factor, which is the basis of all your decisions and actions, and the power to your success:



Data may seem foreign to some when it comes to hunting. However, if you intend to set yourself up for success, it should become commonplace in your preparations and planning.

Data - factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.

Its definition highlights the clear prominence it holds within the world of hunting. Unless you aspire to find yourself with a bowl of tag-soup at the end of the season, you're most likely searching for factual information to build your strategy on. Reliable information that your reasoning, calculations and decisions are confidently based on.

There are many sources of information that hunters rely on to gain that confidence. The only issue is, there isn't wasn't a clear way to actually verify that information in one comprehensive toolset. Authentic data isn't a matter of question or hearsay – it's a matter of fact. For this very reason, Scout To Hunt's Visual Data Platform is vital to the individual hunter that is determined to prepare for success and gain a real understanding of what to expect out in the field.


Scout To Hunt has pioneered the Visual Data Platform™ to give you the ability to visually research your unit of focus to more effectively comprehend its geography, game activity and overall unit conditions. Through visual learning tools such as Sector Data, Aerial Terrain, GIS and our Unit Analysis Database the individual hunter is able to better prepare their strategic approach to the unit on opening day. By actually seeing this information, the hunter gains a new perspective of the unit and knows what to expect while applying for tags and preparing to put boots on the ground.

This type of data provides unprecedented reliability for your hunting research and preparations.



An element of Scout To Hunt's Visual Data is the exclusive Sector Data map layer, which is a digital library of game activity. These images are gathered through a system of trail cameras that Scout To Hunt privately owns, manages and operates. Any and all images of game activity are uploaded to the Visual Data Platform™ where Members can view them on a regional basis.

Images are organized by Sectors or zones that highlight the regional source of activity on the map-based platform. Each sector represents multiple undisclosed camera locations within an approximate 45 sq. mile area of public land. Sectors provide a regional geographic reference for application season, shed season and scouting efforts. Sectors provide the hunter the ability to breakdown and research their unit by these regional zones to establish a general starting point into their scouting strategy.

It's also a simple, yet powerful way to gain a real perspective of the area. The hunter is able to personally verify that the activity in the unit is authentic and that the quality of game spotted in an image are or were actually in that unit. Providing visual historical trends to support their decision-making process. Ultimately, being able to detect any inflated or exaggerated claims about the quality of game in an area, or the lack thereof. Equipping themselves with reliable information – in other words, proof.



There are two major phases of your hunting preparation process that benefit from visual hunting research: 1) Application Season and 2) Scouting Season.

1) Application Season

If you're like the majority of hunters, you most likely apply for multiple units across multiple states. That's a lot of important decision-making to be made that ultimately determines your potential success. Especially, for those who travel significantly long distances to hunt the West. Are those decisions not worthy of being based on real hard-proof and first-hand knowledge of a unit's status and game quality? Of course they are.

Those decisions should not be taken lightly, nor should your source of data that they're based on. There's a tremendous amount of time and resources that need to be invested in your hunting research, especially for draw season and purchasing tags. There's no room for an error in judgment that was based on unreliable information through speculation and hearsay.

Through Scout To Hunt's visual research you are able to equip yourself with genuine information that you've verified with your own eyes. Which, ultimately leads to better decision making in the application process and more importantly - better preparation for your field efforts.


2) Scouting Season

The second phase of your hunting preparation is critical to success. Preseason scouting provides an enormous amount of value and can make-or-break your hunt. Personal ground verification, along with your research is essential to establish any real opportunities to harvest your intended game.

Accordingly, knowing where to more effectively employ those resources and efforts will lead to a much more efficient use of your preseason scouting time and investments. Visual hunting research can be incorporated into your early scouting efforts to establish a simple start in the right direction. Decisively increasing the effectiveness of your preparations and planning, along with the arsenal of information you gather from the field.


Out-of-State Hunters

This also proves to be extremely beneficial for out-of-state hunters who may not even get the opportunity to do any preseason scouting or put boots on the ground prior to their hunt. With the ability to research authentic visual data and effectively learn the unit in every aspect, long-distance hunters can provide themselves with valuable information and insights they would have never obtained otherwise. Anyone who has traveled a significant distance for their hunts can appreciate such an ability and resource.


Hunting requires skillful and wise decision-making. The ability to make the best decisions within a certain set of circumstances comes with experience and practice. Most importantly, the most skillful and successful hunters prepare themselves to make those decisions with thorough research. Visual Data is the only way to make sure you're dealing with the facts to do so.

The best way to fully understand the value that the Visual Data Platform provides is to see it for yourself. Click here to start researching.