Knowledge is the key to success in the field, and as Neil Armstrong teaches, "research is creating new knowledge." There are 3 fundamental aspects of effective hunting research that the hunter must considered to attain such valuable knowledge: the unit, the game, and the terrain. Each of these are elements of your hunt that deserve a significant investment of your time, resources and energy to learn and explore, in order to render the anticipated results in the field.

Scout To Hunt has pioneered a cutting-edge hunting research platform that unites these essential components into one comprehensive toolset. Where you can seamlessly research all the necessary aspects of your hunt in one, single user-friendly platform. Combining the most insightful tools to create a complete, adaptive and dynamic research experience. Ultimately, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of your blood, sweat and tears.


Scout To Hunt's sole objective is to augment the standard of Western DIY hunting research. In order to help broaden the hunter's perspective of their true potential through exploring new country, and expand their spectrum of opportunities for success.



To know the game, you need to know the terrain. Being familiar with the country and, ultimately confident in the environment in which the game inhabit are fundamental attributes of any successful hunter. Accuracy, reliability and clarity, therefore, are crucial elements of your mapping tools. Scout To Hunt has delivered.

Scout To Hunt's high-resolution, satellite and aerial imagery basemap, powered by NASA, USGS and other industry-leading organizations, provides remarkably detailed terrain imagery. In conjunction with our U.S. 24K topographic basemap, which is verified by 24 datasets from 13 separate organizations, including the USGS. Additionally, the topography is augmented by our Pro Topo 3D-shaded contours to present a clearer picture of variance in elevation. All of which are reinforced by our innovative and unique visual terrain learning tools such as Scout To Hunt Aerial Terrian that provides true geographic perspective.

Along with our superior basemaps, Scout To Hunt has focused on producing not only the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date GIS data, but the most relevant to your hunting research and preparation. Providing what you want to see and simply removing what you don't. The map is very much alive, as layers and data are continuously updated as new data becomes available from our select sources. Our GIS data has been strictly evaluated and selectively sourced from authoritative agencies and organizations. All optimized for your hunting objectives with a curation of map layers tailored to you, to provide the most practical and intuitive mapping solution.



Due to Scout To Hunt's significant field operation, we have a unique opportunity to observe overall unit conditions and changes from the ground. Conditions such as: burns, precipitation and moisture levels, accessibility, migration behavior, summer and winter ranges, trophy potential etc., along with other vital information. We compile this ground-verified data into Unit Panels in order to streamline your review of the unit. Aggregating your unit research workflow into one seamless process.

Stepping into new country can be a daunting task. There's a tremendous amount of study and learning that needs to take place in order to wrap your mind around all of it, and effectively prepare to put on a good chase. With informative unit updates flowing in from the field, you'll be more equipped to improve your scouting strategy and maximize your research in preparation for your hunt.

For further learning opportunities and insights, you can personally connect with one of our Unit Specialists for a 1-on-1 review of the unit. You can reach them by calling (833) 726-8837.



Authenticity is crucial. Genuinely knowing for yourself that you have reliable information to build your strategy on provides a fundamental level of confidence. Especially, once you get your boots on the ground. For this reason Scout To Hunt has uniquely incorporated Sector data into the hunter's natural flow of research. Allowing you to establish expectations of game quality that are aligned with reality, and avoid the reliance on inflated or simply false speculation. Ultimately, cultivating a strong exploratory mindset and expanding your perspective of a unit to better understand your true potential.

Sector data is an exclusive map layer to Scout To Hunt. This layer highlights the regional sources of game activity gathered through our privately-owned and operated system of trail cameras on public land. Each individual Sector represents an approximate 45 sq. mile area of country, presenting proprietary game images gathered from multiple undisclosed locations of trail cameras placed within them. Any game activity gathered through the cameras, which are managed by Scout To Hunt's Field Team, is uploaded to the Visual Data Platform and organized by its geographic origin to the corresponding sector.

The game activity gathered and uploaded to the platform is entirely objective. In other words, the information that the Sectors present is simply what occurs in the wild, with no respect to any species or genders. Accordingly, there is a wide range of varied animal activity presented in the Sector Data layer.



Static data just doesn't reflect reality. You hunt in a living and ever-changing environment, therefore, it's imperative that the data you depend on coincides with such variability, being as up-to-date as possible. Scout To Hunt has pioneered the Visual Data Platform to perform accordingly – to be just as living as the environment is.

With a continual flow of fresh data and any available updates, in all three components of the platform, your research will more effectively prepare you for reality. Ultimately, arming yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed for opening day. It's better to be alive than dead. We believe that to be the same for your research.

Bring it to life with Scout To Hunt.

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