Scout To Hunt is entirely built on the hunting community's input, feedback and support. Without these contributions, Scout To Hunt and the Visual Data Platform would be just another hunting app. As we continue to listen and truly understand what the community desires, we will continue to make the proper adjustments and improvements to build Scout To Hunt together.


The New System

Accordingly, in order to more fully support the individual hunter and pursue the direction the hunting community has requested, Scout To Hunt has designed a Limited Membership System. This new system only allows a certain amount of members to be subscribed and gain access to the Visual Data Platform, based on the amount of coverage or sectors the platform has at any given time. In other words, we have implemented a limit or cap to the amount of memberships Scout To Hunt accepts, based proportionally to the total amount of coverage we have in the system.

The goal of this particularly significant change is to help minimize the concentration of the hunters within the areas covered in the platform, and to provide a more exclusive and personalized experience for the hunters we are here to support.

Sectors Are the Denominator

This limit is calculated according to the amount of coverage or sectors the platform has at any given time. Membership seats (available openings to become a member) will be added only as we add new sectors (coverage increases) in order to maintain a proportional distribution of members' access to the visual data in the platform. For each newly added sector, 10 open seats will be produced in the platform for new subscribers.

Images are organized by Sectors or zones that highlight the regional source of spotted-game. Each sector represents multiple undisclosed camera locations within an approximate 45 sq. mile area of public land, as a reference for application season and scouting efforts. Sectors of data create the ability to incorporate large-scale regional zones as a starting point into your strategy. It's also a means of personal authentication, so Members are able to personally and individually verify that the image is authentic and the data is real proof that the game are or were actually in that unit.

Once the limit is reached, new subscriptions will not be accepted until more sectors are added, and consequently more open seats made available. If a current member does not renew their subscription they will lose their seat, and if the limit is met, they will then have to wait for more seats to be produced by an increase in coverage in order to resubscribe.


Current Coverage and Membership Seats

As of Feb. 5th, 2018:

Total coverage: 5,900 sq. mi organized into 139 sectors

Total seats based on current coverage: 1390

Seats available: 450

For an up-to-date quantity of available seats click here.

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