Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is currently recommending an increase of cougar permits from the previous season's limit of 581 to 653 for the 2018-2019 season, equaling an additional 72 permits. Although, they do not expect a 100% success rate, as out of the past season's limit of 581, only 456 were actually taken.

"Utah's cougar population has plenty of females in it, and plenty of adults too. For those reasons, we're recommending a slight permit increase for the 2018–2019 season," explains Darren DeBloois, game mammals coordinator for the DWR.

The number of females and of adult cougars in the population are major components of a healthy and strong population. According to the DWR, these are key indicators that they consider when evaluating recommendations for permits.

As reported by the DWR, "DeBloois says Utah's cougar population is doing well, with lots of the big cats found across the state. He appreciates the role cougar hunters play, both in helping protect deer, bighorn sheep and livestock from cougars and providing wildlife biologists with valuable information that helps them manage the population."

Along with the cougar recommendations, bobcat recommendations for the upcoming season will also be on the agenda during the public meetings, which the hunting community is encouraged to attend to provide their input. You can find the list of public meetings here. You can also email your corresponding Regional Advisory Council directly as listed here.