Returing to what was known as their native land, 98 Pronghorn were released on the Colville Indian Reservation, located in the state of Washington. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NWD) and the Colville Tribes collaborated to make the second release since 2016 possible.

Cody McKee, a biologist for the NDW explains, "Our interest in targeting these animals was due to the loss of critical winter range caused by wildfires in Nevada during 2017... Our objective was to reduce densities of pronghorn in these areas, and allow for those being transported to Colville lands time to acclimate to their new environment before the arrival of winter. We are optimistic that the pronghorn that remain in Nevada will have less competition for food on degraded winter range."

The transfer was made from the Elko, Nevada region to the Colville Indian Reservation.

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