What leads you to apply for a certain unit?

What are the reasons behind your decisions to put-in where you do?

These questions have many answers, as it's clearly subjective to the individual hunter. However, in terms of mule deer hunting, there's no doubt that having knowledge and an indication of a decent buck in the area is always a reason - regardless of the unit.

In terms of General Season, it's really hit or miss when it comes to the quality of bucks - more commonly a miss. Obviously, due to the management structure of the units and quantity of hunters, it's a fairly common expectation to find the monsters everyone aspires to chase, else where (Limited-entry units). Although, with the intel that's coming in from the field, we have the right reasons to reconsider the common reputation we've given the General Season Units.

To help paint the picture a little bit better, below you'll find a few bucks worth chasing that have been spotted in the corresponding General Season Units:


Plateau Boulder - Kaiparowits


Find many more here

Unfortunately, there aren't any General Season deer tags left this year. However, this type of data is leading us to make plans for the next. There's opportunity in the General Season Units, and we know this because we can see it for ourselves. Anyone who wants to gain more valuable insights into the current status of these and many other units can do so with the up-to-date data coming through Scout to Hunt, and simply verify it for themselves. As you can see and analyze the quality of game units are currently holding.

Overall, this aids in the improvement of research along with the expansion of more options and the exploration of new units and country, or in this case, revisiting units once dismissed. Ultimately, you allow yourself to get started in the right direction, as you are able to confidently apply for a unit that you know is holding the game you aspire to chase.

If you've been waiting on Limited-entry or other units, you might want to consider applying for the General season as a backup plan next year, with which you can get the intel you need to head in the right direction.