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If you didn't draw this year, and are still itching to get that mountain meat, have no fear. The Any Bull Units in Utah are holding some very promising bulls that you'd expect to be else where – and it's all over-the-counter.


It's common to have lower expectations for OTC tags than your limited-entry or powerhouse units that all the big players rave about. Fortunately, we're getting great intel this season that's proving to be very helpful for anyone with an OTC tag. Through the data that's coming in fresh from the field, we're happy to see that there's a significant quantity of quality bulls roaming around the Any Bull Units right now.

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Opportunity awaits

There's definitely great opportunity waiting for you in the Any Bull Units this season. Whether you missed out on the draws, never put-in or you just want to tack-on another hunt, it's definitely a no brainer to grab a Utah OTC tag with such great game to be chased out there.

Here are some dates and details made available by the Utah Division of Wildlife:

OTC Elk 2017

  • Archery – Any Bull Units (Aug. 19 – Sept. 15)

  • Archery – Spike Bull Units (Aug. 19 – Sept. 8)

  • Any Legal Weapon – Any Bull Elk/Spike Bull Elk Units (Oct. 7 – Oct. 19)

  • Muzzleloader – Any Bull Elk/Spike Bull Elk Units (Nov. 1 – Nov. 9)

  • Non-resident cost is $393 (not including the non-resident hunting license of $65)

  • Resident cost is $50

Got tags? Time to research

There's a lot of country to be researched and lots of preparation involved in order to get your boots on the ground for effective scouting efforts. Getting started in the right direction is key.

In this snapshot from the Advanced Scouting Platform below, you can see the Any Bull Unit boundaries along with the aggregated geotagged locations (more icons are revealed as you zoom in while in the platform) where bulls have been spotted through Scout to Hunt's private network of trail cameras.

Here's a more detailed look:

Overall, there's nothing to lose by jumping on the opportunity that the OTC tags have to offer. It's a great way to get more time on the mountain and continue to improve and learn, and take advantage of another great season.

With this up-to-date data, you'll be able to maximize your OTC opportunity with effective research and prepare yourself more efficiently to apply positive scouting efforts when you get out in the field. Get more details at